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Janitorial Services Companies

Janitorial Service Companies deal with the daily and weekly ongoing cleaning of a property. This type of business does not interact with another business to do deep cleaning of carpets, floors, windows, and exteriors. This type of Janitorial Services Company has much closer relationship to the business they are cleaning the business on a regular basis. The employees of this business, and many times the business owner themselves, see the owner of the business being cleaned and their employees on a more regular basis. This gives them more of a chance to develop a meaningful relationship with that business owner and address their issues properly.

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What types of Insurance does a Janitorial Services Company need?

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance is needed by a Janitorial Services Company because it covers the liability of businesses to third parties for bodily injury and property damages that are a direct result of the actions of the business and its employees. Considering that many commercial cleaning companies’ clean businesses that are open to the public, like a restaurant or retail location, general liability is a first line of defense to protect your business from liability.

Workers Compensation for Janitorial Service Companies

Workers Compensation Insurance is usually the first policy a Janitorial Services Company decides to secure. This is because it is required by law for most businesses in most states. There are some exceptions to this rule depending upon the size of your business, the structure of the business, and the state in which you operate. It is best to check with the governing body in the state you operate to determine if you are required to purchase this coverage.

If your business is not required to secure workers comp coverage, it is more than likely still a good idea for your business to protect your business and your employees with this type of insurance. The Workers Compensation System is frequently referred to as the ‘exclusive remedy’. It is referred to as the ‘exclusive remedy’ because it provides benefits to employees while protecting employers at the same time. Workers Compensation Insurance provides an employee the cost of medical attention and some missed wages if they are hurt and not able to work because of normal business operations. The employer is protected from being sued for negligence when an employee is hurt on the job.

The key to this coverage is that the injury occurs as a part of normal business operations. If the injury occurs because of negligence by the employer than the coverage may not pay for claims and the business will be responsible for the medical costs to the employee.

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Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance is property insurance specifically designed for property that is in transit over land, and property that is frequently in transit. Janitorial Service Companies have a lot of specialized equipment. Some of that equipment is expensive and the work the company does is highly dependent upon this equipment being in tip top shape. Also, the equipment is typically used or stored at a third party site. All of these risks are not covered by most general liability policies. For this equipment to be covered your business will need to secure an Inland Marine Insurance Policy.

If the owner or operator of a Janitorial Services Company decides to go with only a general liability insurance policy, most of this equipment is not covered when it is taken away from the businesses facility. When the equipment is being transported and when the equipment is being used by the employees at a third party site, the business is liable for any damages to the equipment while being used off site. If your business depends upon equipment to get the job done and the business does not have enough cash on hand to cover the costs to replace the equipment quickly, an Inland Marine Insurance Policy is needed to adequately protect your business.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage for Janitorial Service Companies

Janitorial Services Companies have employees who are frequently working at a third party location with little to no supervision. Sometimes, the employees of the other business are present; but in many instances they are not. Because of the remote nature of the work and the lack of supervision of staff, the likelihood of experiencing employee theft is high. No matter how trustworthy a group of employees are, the temptation to steal from a business is too great for many people. Also, your business is an easy target when things go missing. Your business may be sued for theft and whether the accusations are founded or not they can cost your business immensely to defend the reputation of the business. An Employee Dishonesty Insurance Policy can help your business when an employee steals or when your business is accused of stealing.

Commercial Auto Insurance

A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy is needed if your business owns vehicles that are used regularly by your employees. The policy will pay to fix damages to the businesses vehicles as well as medical costs and liability to third parties injured as a result of a car accident that is caused by an employee of the business.

If you have employees who use their own vehicles for business purposes or who use a rented vehicle as part of their job, your business will need to secure a Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance policy. When your employees use their own vehicle on company time, the liability for any wrecks those employees cause is the liability of the business. This will cover medical coverage and property damage to third parties as a result of an accident caused by your employee. Your employees personal auto insurance policy will cover the damages to the employees’ vehicle.

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What types of risks does a Janitorial Services Company face?

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, Trips, and Falls are a risk that many different types of businesses face, especially Janitorial Services Companies. Many of the risks related to slips, trips, and falls comes from many of the businesses the business cleans are open to the public. If your employees are cleaning a business in the morning before a restaurant or retail location opens for business, your business may be liable for slips, trips, and falls that occur because your cleaning. Taking additional time to train employees how to be aware of slips, trips, and falls; and give them concrete ways they can prevent injuries.

Driving Risk for Janitorial Service Companies

Not all Janitorial Services Companies require their employees to drive as a part of their job. Many businesses have employees who come to one location, clean the location, and end their day of work at the same location. If a business has employees who drive to two or more locations throughout their work day, it is important to check the driving records of the employees, train the employees how you want them to drive while on the job, and secure proper insurance to protect the business in the event they are in an accident while on the job.

Employee Theft

Employee theft is an unfortunate reality of the Janitorial Services Industry. Because of the remote nature of the work and the lack of adequate supervision, employee theft is a part of owning and operating a Janitorial Services Company. These accusations of theft are damaging to your business whether the accusations are founded or not. It is also important to have a plan in place for the day when an employee does not steal something, but the business is blamed for theft. Any business should take an accusation of theft seriously, but firing an employee when you do not have proof of theft can cause of employment related lawsuits from the employee. There are insurance policies that can be added to a Business Owner’s Insurance Package to protect your business from both of these risks.

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Tips for Janitorial Services Business Owners

Speak long and honestly with your agent

Taking an adequate amount of time to speak with an experienced insurance agent will help your business immensely when it is time to purchase commercial insurance. Tell the agent what exactly your employees do on a daily basis as well as activities they do not partake in. This will help them determine what types of insurance you definitely need and what you may be able to do without.

Know the Risks your business faces

It is important to know exactly what types of risk your businesses may face and how you can best protect your business from those risks. Taking some additional time to speak long and honestly with your insurance agent can help you determine what risks your business faces and how best to protect the business with adequate safety measures as well as the proper insurance policies to fit the unique needs of your business.

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Look for Value in Insurance and not only the Lowest Price

Like many things in life and in business, when it comes to Insurance; you get what you pay for. Whatever you value in an insurance policy, it is important to tell your agent what you value up front. It is rarely a good idea to go with the lowest premium. Most insurance carriers offer the lowest price, because they are providing the least amount of coverage. This may be a good thing for your business when purchasing coverage, but it may cause unnecessary headaches when a claim occurs.

Classify Your Business Properly for Janitorial Service

In the Janitorial Service Industry, there are multiple classification codes depending upon the scope of your business. Making sure your business is in the right code will clear up many situations that may be come headaches either when an accident occurs or during the end of term audit.

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