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There are more than 27.9 million small businesses in the United States. A significant amount of these businesses own properties that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. A few small businesses decide to do all cleaning in-house among their staff. Many more decide to contract the cleaning responsibilities out to an outside business. Those businesses make up the cleaning industry. There are two main types of businesses within the cleaning industry: Residential and Commercial. Residential Cleaning Businesses clean people's primary residence and Commercial Cleaning Businesses clean properties owned by a business. Within the Commercial Cleaning Industry there are two main types of businesses within this industry, Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services.

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What exactly is a Janitorial Services Company?

Janitorial Service Companies primarily deal with the daily and weekly ongoing cleaning of a facility and not deep cleaning of carpets, floors, windows, and exteriors. Some Janitorial Services Companies have employees who drive to several businesses throughout the day. This creates an additional driving risk that is important to bring to the attention of your insurance agent. Most businesses have employees who drive to one location and clean just that property or they travel to one location, like a mall, and clean several businesses at this one location.

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What is a Commercial Cleaning Company?

Commercial Cleaning Companies deal with more in-depth deep cleaning. This portion of the industry includes Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Power Washing, and other types of deep cleanings. The one common aspect of these types of businesses is that the cleaning is done on a semi-regular basis like once a year, twice a year, or once a month.

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