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About Janisure

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services Companies have unique risks that only their businesses face. Because of these unique insurance needs, it can be difficult for small business owners in this industry to find insurance specialists who understand their business. Luckily, Janisure specializes in providing insurance solutions for just the Environmental Services Industry. Our agents will help provide you with detailed information so you can make the best decision when insuring your business.

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Janisure is an independent insurance agency, meaning we are not tied to one or a few insurance carriers. We partner with more than a dozen insurance carriers who are actively quoting this industry. The agents at Janisure can use these relationships to force carriers to compete for your business. This will ultimately get your business better coverage at rock-bottom prices.

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The agents who work at Janisure have specific training, experience, and expertise in quoting this industry. Because our agents specialize on small businesses within the cleaning industry, they know what insurance carrier are actively seeking to partner with business in this industry. They also know what risks business owners may not realize they face. This expertise allows them to give you the most information specific to your unique business. This should help you make the most informed decision when purchasing insurance.

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Why Choose Janisure?

Janitorial Services Companies face a diverse amount of risk. Janisure Partners with more than a dozen insurance carriers to find the absolute best insurance coverage at rock bottom prices.

Get Several Quotes with only one phone call

We Partner with ore then a Dozen Carriers that are actively quoting janitorial services companies. Because of our unique relationships we can shop your insurance around to multiple carriers so you can focus on running your business.

We focus on Janitorial Services Companies

At Janisure, we have knowledgeable experts that focus on primarily small businesses in the Commercial Cleaning Industry. Because our agents focus primarily on small businesses they have in-depth knowledge that will help them get your business better coverage at the best value possible.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer flexible payment options like Pay as You Go Workers Compensation that allow you to pay insurance premium monthly based on the real-time payroll from the previous month. This increases accuracy and drastically lowers the likelihood your business will experience a mid-term audit. Pay as You Go also costs less up-front to get coverage in place. This allows businesses to free up cash for more important needs of your business.

Faster Quoting Options

Because we are not a brick and mortar insurance agency, our staff are free to focus primarily on your business. We do not have walk-in clients and our agents focus primarily on servicing business owners. Because our agents are free to focus more on customer service, we return most calls within 24 hours and can get you a quote from multiple carriers faster than our brick and mortar competitors.

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